Solomon Saprid's ACHIEVEMENTS



  • Bayanihan, Philippine First Holdings (6ft)
  • 1984-Men of Gold, Benguet Center, Mandaluyong (12'x17'x17')
  • 1985-Purifier, Kidney Foundation (8'x'4'x4')
  • 1985-Achievers, Kidney Foundation (12 ft)
  • 1986-Mermaids, Pacific Star Hotel, Guam (6'x6')
  • 1986-Moon Maid (7'x7')
  • 1987-Amihan, Derm Clinic (8ft)
  • 1988-Skipper, World Expo, Brisbane, Australia (7'x3')
  • 1989-Chairman (4'x4')
  • 1989-Jade Carrier, National Museum
  • 1990-Chairman (4'x4')
  • 1990-Tikbalang Chair (4'x4')
  • 1994-Fisherman, Barfly, Mother and Child Habagat, 

1994- Pilipino, Sino Siya?

  • 1994-Refuge
  • 1994- Red Egg
  • 1995- Filipina
  • 1995-Mother and Child,  (6ft)
  • 1997-Tikbalang with Flute (6ft)
  • 1998-San Pedro Manok,  (6ft)
  • 1999-Represionist (6ft), Don Quijote, Horseman, Mother and Child, Baogirl,
  • Tikbalang, Monica Lewinsky, Carabao, Pinatubo, Abstract 1, Abstract 2, Stapleman,Barfly, Tikchair




1972 Included in the volume, contemporary Philippine Art by Manuel Duldulao

1973 Included in the souvenir book of the Biennial in Sydney, Australia

1975 Included in the book, Christian Art in Asia by Takenaka, Nissha Printing, Kyoto, Japan

1975-76 Included in the Asia calendar produced by Philacor

1981 Included in the book, The Filipinas Journal of Science and Culture byFilipina Foundation 

1989 Included in the book, Best of the Philippines Vol.1

1990, Included in the book, The Philippine Association of Figure Artists on its Fifth Year by Maren Kayanan

1995 Included in the book, Embassies & Consulates in the Philippines

1999 Included in the book, Fine Artists of the Philippines 1999 

2003 Included in the calendar, Pamana, the Museum Shop, National Museum

2018 Cultural Cache Selected Works from the Visual Arts Collection of the Cultural Center of the Philippines

2021 Profile of Significant Cultural Heritage, City of Imus Cavite



" Mine is what is known as the direct method of sculpture, I form the figure itself by welding the bronze or brass sheets."

" I want to be able to innovate and to transofrm a two-dimensional idea into something three-dimensional."

" Creativity should be motivated by life itself, even by frustrations, disappointments and problems. All these, I have had a share of it. I am a self made man. I started from hardly even a scratch."

                       Solomon Saprid

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