A Pleasant Note From The UK 

Pictures of the "Jade Carrier" 

A few days ago, we received an email from an art collector residing in the UK and Canada. He is a foreigner who bought a sculpture of Solomon Saprid in 1989. What he owns is a version of the “Jade Carrier.” A "very beautiful art piece" which was, according to him,  "treasured and loved' up to now. What struck us about his emails, albeit quite concise and direct, had “heart” as his passionate fervor for both the Artist and masterpiece evidently permeated through his words for we completely felt his appreciation .  He was also very nice and kind enough to share pictures of his collection.

Solomon A. Saprid had a fondness working with myths, legends and folklores to Biblical characters.  Everyday local scenes and laborers also caught his interest, whilst giving life, respect and importance to each trade.  His “frozen motion” allows each piece to tell a specific story. The "Jade Carrier" is among these pieces. 

Another version of “The Jade Carrier “is currently with The National Museum in Padre Burgos Drive, Manila.

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