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In celebration of the 2018 National Arts Month, with the theme “Malikhain. Mapagbago. Filipino.” the City Government of Imus organized an exhibit featuring the works of Imuseño visual artist Solomon Saprid, which ran from February 19 until March 12, 2018 at the City Hall of Imus. Saprid is a multi-awarded artist in Philippine modern and contemporary art. He adopted bronze welding as his natural medium of art, a style which became uniquely his. Saprid’s “live” sculptures epitomize the artist’s depiction of corporeal demonstration and flamboyant display of “frozen motion”, which illustrates the interaction of a moving object with the space that surrounds it. Saprid has a colorful and vivid imagination and a deep understanding and appreciation of Philippine folklore and its mythical creatures. Through his art, he was able to depict Philippine folklore characters, which made Filipinos realize that these imaginary beings are not just mere myths, rather more of a reality. His most notable and trademark work is the “Tikbalang”, a beast with a horse-like head and a human-like body. Another of his notable works is the Gomburza, a proof of his awareness of the importance of history, nationality, and love for the Motherland which he has consistently shown in his artwork. Gomburza has a profound meaning other than the dedication and martyrdom of the three priests, but it shows the country's condition. The three figures represent Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Each piece of metal was cut into triangles not only to represent Gomez, Burgos and Zamora but also to three major Philippine Islands. It describes the struggle and sacrifice; calling for "unity" to all Filipinos. While the two priests are divided into the ground, oppressed and troubled, on the other hand, proudly look at the heavens where he relies on freedom, not for them, but perhaps for generations to come.

Through his creations, Solomon Saprid has truly made a mark and a significant contribution in Philippine art and culture, recognizing that he should be a National Artist in his own right. The exhibit organized by the City Government of Imus headed by Mayor Emmanuel L. Maliksi, is a tribute to Imus’ very own – Solomon Saprid, a homage to his virtuoso and artistry.

L-R) Imus Cavite Municipal Mayor Emmanuel Maliksi, Ms. Hermie Saprid, Ms. Zenaida Saprid, Ms. Pearle Saprid and Vice-Mayor Cantimbuhan


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City Tourism and Development Office

City Government of Imus

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