Be Careful of FAKES!



At first, it was just an incident or two that the sculptures presented to us for authentication turned out to be counterfeits.  Either we were totally unaware of what was going on, but to our amazement, there was just an increase of 'fraudulent imitations' circulating in the market.   This is truly unfortunate because for one, these are very expensive pieces. Secondly, collectors are deprived of the "genuine article" which of course,  is tragic.  But more importantly, these "pieces" are forever (while they exist and are online) linked to Saprid. 

The pieces are HORRIFIC (!!!)--so poorly made that it taints Saprid's established mastery of the medium he is so well known for.  Most of these exhibit the very things Saprid avoided whenever he worked on his pieces. These 'imposters' absolutely have no respect for form, balance, and the subject matter they try to duplicate.  Often, it manifests the lack of discipline in handling the medium which Saprid mastered through hard-work, self study and practice. The absence of 'imagination' and 'life' to these pieces undervalue Saprid's love for 'fluidity' and motion.

It's a wonder how these so-called "artists" prefer to live their 'artistic lives' in this manner.  'Art' is usually personal and profoundly deep--embracing the very essence of an individual.  Perhaps these differentiates a true artist and those that are merely copycats.

Based on form, style, technique, details known only by the artist and his heirs; recorded pictures and list of works documented by Saprid and his heirs, the pieces/pictures included herein are not recognized by the heirs as original works of Saprid. 

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