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August 18, 2018 · Manila ·

"No man's land" no more: the National Museum in partnership with the Intramuros Administration launches the rehabilitation and improvement of “Liwasang Gomburza” (Gomburza Plaza) in front of the Old Legislative Building, which houses the National Museum of Fine Arts, in Manila.

The site is dominated by the landmark bronze monument to “GOM-BUR-ZA”: the Filipino priests Fr. Mariano Gomez, Fr. Jose Burgos and Fr. Jacinto Zamora who were unjustly executed for suspected treason against the Spanish colonial regime in the immediate aftermath of the Cavite mutiny of 1872. The monument, by leading modernist sculptor Solomon Saprid (1917-2003) is an artistic masterpiece that was erected in 1972 and unveiled by President Ferdinand E. Marcos to commemorate the centennial of that watershed event in Philippine history.

This new partnership and agreement with the IA led the National Museum to seek appropriate funding for a new "Liwasang Gomburza", and the amount of 15 million pesos was approved for 2018, making possible this project that was officially launched on August 17, 2018. While the sum can be considered as relatively modest, the NM is confident that this project will have the positive impact of a project carrying a price tag of many times that amount because, as the NM has designed it, with IA approval, the public can expect to see and enjoy, within a mere 180 days:

• A new landmark public cultural space.

• Improved frontage and vista of the Old Legislative Building, a National Historical Landmark and home of the National Museum of Fine Arts.

• Improved surroundings of the Gomburza Monument by Solomon Saprid, which is scheduled to be declared as a National Monument by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines upon inauguration of the completed project.

• Improved vista of the walls of Intramuros, a declared National Cultural Treasure, from Padre Burgos Avenue.

• Improved physical integration between the National Museum Complex, the Gomburza Monument and beyond to Intramuros itself, succeeding phases of which are being planned and programmed under the Department of Tourism.

For making this important project possible, the National Museum expresses its deep gratitude to the Intramuros Administration for its partnership and leadership, and to the Department of Tourism for its strong support, together with the Department of Public Works and Highways, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, and the Manila City Government.

The simple groundbreaking rites were led by National Museum Director Jeremy Barns, Intramuros Administrator Guiller Asido, and Department of Tourism - National Capital Region Officer-in-Charge Catherine Agustin, with National Museum Assistant Director Ana Labrador, National Museum Acting Assistant Director Angel Bautista and, representing the project contractor, 401 Development and Construction Corp., project manager Jun Diama.

The planned inauguration of the new Liwasang Gomburza is scheduled for February 17, 2019, the 147th anniversary of the execution of Fr. Gomez, Fr. Burgos and Fr. Zamora, to be led by the Department of Tourism and the National Historical Commission of the Philippines as well as the National Museum and the Intramuros Administration

Photo Credits: National Museum of the Philippines; Photographer

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