The New Liwasang Gomburza & The National Museum

Pearle Saprid

January 23,2020

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Ana Labrador, Deputy Director- General for Museums, yesterday, January 22, 2020, and it’s just amazing to learn what they have accomplished and still doing in preserving valuable cultural heritage around the country.

The National Museum is home to numerous priceless artifacts and absolutely worth the trip. Of course, one of the highlights of my visit was to see one of our father's works, "The Jade Carrier"-- I felt so proud. 

However, yesterday's agenda was the "Gomburza"  and the recent  renovations done in the area where it currently stands is definitely a glaring contrast to what it used to be. Although the "markers," I was told,  are not finished and installed yet, the place is remarkably beautiful.

The park is also safer and cleaner now. Finally, security is 24/7 to protect sightseers, likewise the place and the monument from vandalism and other 'elements.' Also, unlike before, there are existing pedestrian lights and lanes. Assigned maintenance personnel attends to the care and upkeeping of the area on a 10-hr daily routine.   Basically, the whole stretch is just very clean and appropriately 'respectable' in the way any historical landmark should be.

I am certain that our father, Solomon A. Saprid, would have been beyond pleased for the improvements made. The heirs are so thankful to the Directors and staff of the National Museum and to the Intramuros Administration for making this happen.

Looking forward to its inauguration.

At last, the Gomburza, is home.

Admiring the newly painted and restored GOMBURZA Monument along Padre Burgos Ave., Manila.

With the National Museum Research Team.

Pearle Saprid with Dr. Ana Labrador, National Museum, Deputy Director-General for Museums

Solomon A. Saprid bronze sculpture: " The Jade Carrier"

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