"I want action. None of my sculptures is static. I try to catch them in frozen motion." Solomon Saprid

Some Major Works




  • GOMBURZA Monument joined the elite list of National Monuments by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines last February 17, 2021. The Gomburza is just the 7th declared National Monument in the whole country;

  • 1983 SOLE Philippine Representative in the 2nd ASEAN SCULPTURE SYMPOSIUM in Bangkok, Thailand where his ASEAN BIRDS was permanently perched on concrete in the middle of a lake in Chatujak Park in Bangkok. The sculpture was completed within the required period of 45 days, measuring 25' long x 15 ft wide x 9' high;

  • 1973, SOLE Philippine Representative to the prestigious and 1st Australian Biennale held at the Opera House in Sydney where two major works were exhibited, one of which is now in the collection of Westinghouse, Philadelphia;

  • THE FIRST Filipino Artist and Sculptor to be in a documentary film produced by the Department of Foreign Affairs cultural office. (ref: Expressweek news clipping, Nov. 8, 1979)

  • THE FIRST christian artist to represent the Philippines  in then newly formed Christian Art Society of Japan, headed by Dr. Masao Takenaka. Saprid was also a founding member of the Asian Christian Art Association (ACAA) in 1978 in Bali and part of the Executive Committee for many years. (Saprid's Personal Journal & IMAGE, Christ and Art in Asia 97th Edition, December 2003)

  • GOLD MEDALIST for sculpture at AAP's 30th Annual Art Competition in cooperation with the embassy of France,  November 15, 1977.

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